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About Us
The Leading Edge Sales and Marketing group is a West Coast Manufacturers Representative Organization. We represent premier manufacturers of thermoplastic sheet, rod and tube. Our territory consists of the western states including, CA, OR, WA, ID, CO, UT, AZ, NV, ID, NM, HI and the Canadian Providence British Columbia.
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Dennis Sweeney
Irene Sweeney
  • Leading Edge will be ethical and honest with our customers and principals.
  • Leading Edge strives to provide the highest level of service to our customers.
  • Leading Edge will be courteous and professional in all our business dealings.
  • Leading Edge will always try to improve the line of communication between our distributors and the manufacturers we represent.
  • Leading Edge supports distribution. We believe in pulling business through distribution.
  • Leading Edge is not overly concerned with individual transactions but more importantly we are looking for long term relationships and growth.
  • Leading Edge will always be searching for new applications and opportunities for the manufacturers we represent.
  • Leading Edge's intention is to be the most ethical, professional, productive and effective Manufacturers Rep. Organization in the plastic industry.
  • Dennis Sweeney has been working in the plastic industry consistently since 1979. He has worked as a Salesman for a National Distributor, Premier Fabricator and for a Plastic Sheet Manufacturer. Dennis can most easily be reached on his cell phone – (714) 328-4233.
  • Irene Sweeney founded the company in 1994. Irene has 20 years of Plastic Sales experience. Irene can be reached in the office - (714) 848-1944 or on her cell phone - (714) 743-7441.
The Leading Edge
What's New

The Leading Edge is now representing Evonik Cyro LLC in Southern CA, AZ, NV and CO.
ACRYLITE® digital print is a crystal clear acrylic sheet with enhanced adhesion properties for UV curable inks used in today’s flatbed digital printers. ACRYLITE® digital print eliminates the need for costly adhesion promoters or other labor intensive surface preparation.
The optical clarity of ACRYLITE® digital print ensures color accuracy and brilliance on every print. The superior adhesion properties provide additional durability in handling, shipping, and installation. The protective masking improves durability during fabrication and allows quality checks without removing the masking.
Acrylite Shop

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Dennis and Irene Sweeny
Dennis & Irene Sweeney
The Leading Edge

The Leading Edge is a Division of Athena Holdings International, a Corporation.
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